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My Books. (Click on the picture to see their description!)

Element Wielder Series

It's been six years since the events of the Void Wielder Trilogy. A new menace has arisen. One that may prove to be more vile than the threat Volcseck once posed.

Two Girls Sculpted By Misery:
They come from two opposite worlds. Zoey: the daughter of the emperor who wants for nothing. Sophia: the daughter of a simple tribe leader who has struggled his entire life to keep enough food on the table. Despite the striking difference in their upbringing, they now find themselves thrust on a mission where the very fate of Va’siel hangs in the balance. But can Zoey and Sophia put their differences aside long enough to work together? Or will they destroy each other in the process?

Void Wielder Series

The Lost And The Wicked Series

Star Rising Series

The planets of the Cestia galaxy are in peril. Mysterious holes are opening on the ground. From within, vile creatures, Deargs, burst forth, slaughtering any living creature that crosses their path. Humanity, along with hundreds of other races of the galaxy, are facing extinction. Where do they come from? Who sent them? What is their purpose?


For Xalen, a boy with a terrfying gift, life in Planet Vintra is nothing more than a dull affair. An orphan, he has learned to look out for himself and his friends. however, he has always yearned for something greater. So when Reave, a veteran warrior, comes to enlist him as an Alioth, the elite army of the galaxy, Xalen cannot refuse.


But as Xalen delves deeper into his Alioth training, he finds that there is more to the Dearg attacks than meets the eye. An evil from the past lurks in the shadows- an evil that will stop at nothing to claim Xalen's life as his own

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